March, 22 2017
How to Login and update members’ profile

1. Visit;

2. Click on ‘my citn’;

3. Login by:

i. Membership number; or

ii. User name; or

iii. Email address (that you used to register in your profile with CITN).

4. Type in your password and login

5. Click on ‘my profile’

6. Click on ‘edit profile’

7. Then update your profile. 


In case you forgot your password; 

1. Visit;

2. Click on ‘forgot password’;

3. Type your email in the space provided;

4. Click ‘send confirmation’

5. An email requesting for reset of your password will be sent to you;

6. You are required to reset your password;

7. Login again with the new password;

8. After successful login, click on ‘my citn’


How to check and pay subscription

1. Login to your profile;

2. Click on ‘renew’; it will display your subscription details

3. Click on’ proceed to payment’

4. See payment options below


Payment options for Subscription

a. Pay Online via, 

Login to your profile with your username and password.

Click on renew and proceed to pay for your subscription using any bank ATM debit cards on either Global pay or etranzact platforms in the CITN web portal.


b. Pay directly into CITN Etranzact Platform at any branch of any of the commercial banks in Nigeria using your membership number 


c. Direct Payment to any Branch of First Bank 

Account Name: The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, First Bank Plc A/C: 2011351834,


How to approve referee notification

1. Login to your profile;

2. Click on ‘my citn’

3. Click on ‘my notification’ 

4. View the profile of the applicant;

5. Approve/decline the request;


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